Camp Gan Israel is peanut and tree nut free. Please do not pack lunches or snacks for your children with these ingredients. Below is a list of some treats that are peanut and tree nut free.

If you are celebrating your child's birthday at camp and would like to send a treat, the only area kosher bakery that is certified nut-free is Sunflower Bakery. Fruit is always a good option for a cool, refreshing treat as well!


  • PAREVE Stern's Bakery Products - they carry black & white cookies, mini cupcakes, rainbow cookies, bow ties, etc.
  • PAREVE Green's Bakery Products
  • PAREVE Tofuti Cuties - NOT to be confused with Tofutti in the pint-sized tubs which are produced on nut-contaminated equipment
  • PAREVE Popsicles: Giant brand
  • PAREVE Goldberg's bagels
  • PAREVE Marry Me Ice Cream Bars at Shalom's
  • PAREVE Fruit - but it should be grapes, blueberries, or whatever is uncut as the knives pose contamination risk
  • PAREVE Red Vines/Twisters Licorice
  • PAREVE Dum Dum lollipops
  • PAREVE Marshmallows
  • PAREVE Trader Joe's dark chocolate chips
  • PAREVE Trader Joe's Fruit Gels (in the plastic tub, NOT in the long package) - Sunkist Fruit Gels are nut-contaminated