Camp Gan Israel of Silver Spring

Support Staff

All families are welcome and valued at Camp Gan Israel. CGI is proud to provide a fully inclusive environment at camp. CGI provides individualized attention to each camper, offering various levels of support depending on child’s needs. Some campers receive guidance from our Support Staff while others are paired with a trained “Buddy” for the summer. All counselors and staff are trained in the Inclusion Model.

This summer, Lisa Blumenthal and Aviva Krauthammer will be guiding our Support Staff Program. Lisa is a certified Special Educator who has sent her own children to Gan Izzy for many summers. Lisa is looking forward to working collaboratively with all the parents, campers and staff. Please feel free to contact Lisa with any questions or feedback:

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Camp Gan Israel wants to make this summer the ultimate experience for your child! Our primary goal is to meet the individualized needs of each and every camper. This year we will be continuing to provide various levels of extra support to any camper who needs it.

In order to provide the right support, we need to know a little bit more about each child.

Please share your child’s uniqueness with us. Please submit one form per each child.

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